How a Process Server Can Help You

There are many legal procedures that require total acknowledgement before they can pan out. In fact, whenever a legal action is taken against an individual, they have the legal right to be told about it. Of course, this seems like common sense, but sometimes notifying a person of a summons, subpoena, complaint, or other courtroom date is easier said than done.

Some people don’t want to know when a legal action is taken against them. For example, someone who wants to hang onto their marriage at all costs might intentionally sidestep, ignore, or otherwise evade divorce papers so they can pretend like they never knew the divorce was happening. Although this strategy cannot completely halt a divorce, it can delay the process.

This is where a process server can step in and set things right. Using investigative techniques that are similar to a private investigator, a professional process server has the ability to track down most anyone, even people who have tried to leave the state or fall completely off the grid. Once a process server locates an individual, they can deliver the required documents and paperwork, as well as provide proof of delivery with an official affidavit. If the individual decides to try to play it smart in the court later and deny they knew of the lawsuit, divorce case, etc., the process server can produce the affidavit to show the court that the service did indeed happen.

Hiding in the Age of Social Media

Today more than ever, professional process servers are busy. Despite social media being intended to bring people together, individuals looking to avoid service and legal troubles actually use their social connections to make themselves harder to find. They can do this by tracking the person they want to avoid and going anywhere else, by falsifying where they were with fake posts, or shutting their accounts down to “go dark.” For the average person, these techniques can be a real headache and a sizeable obstacle. For a process server, it is just another day on the job.

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