Why Do I Need a Process Server?

Understanding What a Process Server Does

In any legal action, the opposite partner has to be notified of the action. They must receive a “process,” which is a legal document explaining the action against them thoroughly. The process must be “served” to that individual. A process server is an individual who handles this aspect of your case by serving the paperwork to the other party.

Is hiring a process server for you?

Hiring a process server saves you time, money, and trouble. You won’t have to worry about getting the document to the appropriate recipient. Someone else will take care of the delivery on your behalf. Additionally, you may be required to hire a process server for your case.

Here are several reasons why you may need to hire a process server:

  • Hiring a process server may be a legal requirement. If you are under 18 and / or a party to the case, you may be required in some states to hire a process serve.
  • Hiring a process server could save you the hassle of learning all the rules. Every state has its own laws about process serving. There are also different federal laws. These policies cover the locations in which papers may be served and at what times. Some methods also constitute harassment or harassment in some states. That’s why it’s vital that you know all the rules and policies before serving papers. A professional is familiar with all of these and can take care of it for you.
  • Hiring a process server could protect you legally. Some states require anyone serving papers to have a process server license, which is obtained through completing a series of requirements including education, background screening, and training.
  • Hiring a process server means you will have documentation of service. A professional process server can provide you with an affidavit or proof of service, which is important in proving to the court that the other party did receive the necessary paperwork.
  • Hiring a process server could save you a lot of hassle. Serving papers can be anything but straightforward, especially if the other party does not want to be found and / or if he or she is difficult to locate. Hiring a process server can save you a lot of trouble while allowing you to avoid a confrontational situation.

Licensed Process Servers in St. Louis

At Markell & Associates, our experienced and knowledgeable process servers are familiar with all of the rules in Missouri. We have met all applicable requirements and been licensed by the St. Louis Sheriff’s department. We can handle it for you! Our team has over 60 years of collective experience and we serve clients all over the country! Call Markell & Associates to learn more.