What Role Does Investigation Play in Process Serving?

Why a Process Server Is Necessary

In the United States, accused individuals have a right to know what legal actions are being brought against them with sufficient time to build a defense. As a part of this process, a person who is being sued must be “served” with papers detailing why and when they need to appear in court. Serving subpoenas and legal papers to individuals can sometimes be a difficult task, however, as people who know they have a subpoena coming may attempt to avoid being served by staying on the move.

This is where a process server comes in handy. A skilled process server is necessary in order to conduct private investigations to track down evasive parties of a court case. Finding a person who does not want to be found, known as skip tracing, can be extremely difficult for the average person.

Investigative Techniques That Process Servers Can Use

A process server can employ various methods to locate and serve a person in hiding, such as:

  • Examining schedules of a person, including their work schedules and daily routines
  • Scouring social media for clues of their locations or places they may frequent
  • Interviewing known associates
  • Surveilling the defendant’s last known address to identify a person’s whereabouts and give a process server the opportunity to counter a person’s evasive tactics

An experienced process server can leverage their extensive network of databases, personnel, and resources to find the information you need about an elusive individual.  

Contact a Skilled Process Server in St. Louis

Process serving must be completed within the bounds of the law in order to be valid. Since an improper service can potentially lead to a case dismissal or vacated judgment, it is imperative that this duty be left in the hands of a trusted process server. At Markell & Associates, Inc., our St. Louis process servers have more than 60 years of combined experience and hold a membership with the National Association of Professional Process Servers, giving us the skills to find and properly serve even the most evasive individuals.

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