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If you are in need of fast and experienced process serving, then you have come to the right place. At Markell & Associates, Inc., we are a company that you can trust to handle your situation from the moment you call to the conclusion of our services.

We are fully experienced in the area of process serving and investigative services, providing perfectionistic work to our clients.

Since 1978, our team has assisted paralegals, lawyers, legal counsels, and private citizens. Our professional approach to services relating to civil and criminal litigation can help our clients build strong cases for the people and businesses they represent.

Contact us today at (888) 658-8081 for a free consultation and learn more about how our St. Louis process servers and investigators can assist you.

Supporting Trial Attorneys Nationwide

Our Qualifications

Our team has extensive qualifications that make us the right choice when you need service of process, investigations, or other legal services:

  • We have more than 60 years of combined experience providing outstanding legal services throughout Missouri and several other states.
  • Our founder, Mark Smith, has been in this business for more than 35 years and is a licensed investigator for the state of Missouri and a licensed private detective in Illinois.
  • We hold membership in the National Association of Professional Process Servers(NAPPS), an organization that holds its members to the highest ethical standards.
  • We have served hundreds of thousands of legal documents for our customers, which have been filed in state and federal courts in every state of the union.

In addition, we are licensed by the St. Louis Sheriff's Department to provide our services and Mr. Smith has represented the nation's private legal network for over a decade!

Our Reviews

  • “Efficient and dependable.”

    Chris Smith

  • “They are consistently professional, courteous and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.”

    Amber Hunsaker

  • “Mark at Markell found and served the guy within hours.”

    Mallory Merkel

  • “Markell and Associates exceeded our expectations with professional and courteous service.”

    Elaine Dandaneau

  • “They are reliable, professional, prompt and fast.”

    Diane Edelen

The Advantages of Working with Markell & Associates

  • Our clientele knows that they can relax and count on our team to deliver accurate, thorough legal support services.

  • We strive to eliminate the stress and anxiety of our professional legal clientele by delivering timely results.

  • With our experience, we know the importance of taking requests in an efficient manner to get the best results for our customers.

  • Rather than wasting time, we confidently step into a case and handle it with careful attention to detail.

Contact Our Office

If you are a paralegal, lawyer, or other legal professional in need of support from an investigator and process server, we offer you high-quality services. If you have more than you can handle, relieve some of your burden by letting us do the job!

We have built our exemplary reputation on our dedication to clients and by delivering efficient services and excellent investigations.

We want to make sure that you get the help you need with unfamiliar practice areas.

Our goal is to help you meet your deadlines and deliver accurate results. We aim to ensure that our services incorporate all necessary techniques and the most up-to-date technology available. Our seasoned team of process servers and investigators has extensive knowledge of the legal requirements, knowing exactly what it takes to properly aid a legal search through all processes.

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