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Service of Process

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In the United States legal system, everyone has the right to be notified of any legal action being taken against them. To fulfill this right and need, they must be given what is known as a process, or the documentation that describes the legal action in full detail. The service of process is the action of actually serving that documentation and verifying that it was, in fact, served so that it cannot be claimed later, in court or otherwise, that the person served never received the paperwork.

Common documents part of a process to be served include:

  • Summons
  • Subpoenas
  • Complaints
  • Court dates or other documents

If you need your legal documents delivered to your targeted defendant, Markell & Associates, Inc. can help with your court case. As trusted St. Louis process servers, we provide this specific service efficiently and discreetly, always adhering to all legislation and area-specific laws. We are also thorough in all the work we complete, ensuring that we come back with evidence that your process was served to your task’s unique requirements.

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Process Servers for Delivery of Court Documents

The delivery of your court documents and other legal paperwork is crucial for the validity of your case, claim, or lawsuit. At Markell & Associates, Inc., our St. Louis process servicers are completely familiar and well-versed in the three primary methods for the service of process: actual (personal), substituted, and publication.

  • Personal or actual service: Our process server will hand-deliver the documents to the defendant’s home or workplace. This is the preferred method because it is effective, direct, and generally over quickly.
  • Substitute service: Finding non-direct methods to get the process served, we can use substitute service to get the job done. This may involve leaving the documents with a responsible adult, like a manager or coworker, affixing a copy to the entrance of the defendant’s home, or mailing it to them.
  • Service by publication: As a last resort, our process servers can publish a notice in local newspapers that the intended recipient may read. This will only be done when all other methods fail and it is clear that the defendant is trying to hide from their responsibilities. When done correctly, publication can be accepted as service in court.

Benefits of Hiring Our Process Servers

We bring decades of experience and have seasoned process servers who know how to get the job done in an efficient and professional manner:

  • We provide proof of service: Serving a process does not mean too much to the court if you do not secure an affidavit afterward. This will act as physical proof of the service and can be difficult to obtain if you are not represented by a St. Louis process server.
  • We understand the legalities of process serving: When you retain our help, you will benefit from the fact that we know exactly what we are doing and what we can do within our legal limitations.
  • We are experienced at locating defendants: We are also aware of how a defendant may try to avoid process servicing and can take steps to intercept them. If you act quickly, we can serve their papers before they know a lawsuit is coming, catching them unawares as they will not recognize our personnel; if you were to walk up with an envelope heavy with documents, they could intentionally dodge you.

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If you are in need of assistance with the service of process, you must take action to ensure that you place the documents into reliable hands. At Markell & Associates, Inc., all of our process servers have met the detailed requirements in the states of Missouri and Illinois, and beyond. In addition, we have been licensed by the St. Louis Sheriff's department! Our team has more than 60 years of combined experience and can help you get your court documents served. As a paralegal, attorney, or legal counsel, we can help you accomplish your goals.

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