Tips About Hiring a Trustworthy Process Server

Within the average person’s lifetime, they are likely to encounter at least one instance in which they need someone to be brought into court. This could be to file a lawsuit against them after they suffer a personal injury at their hands, to renegotiate divorce agreements, and so on. While the act of seeing a court case through to the end can be challenging, just getting the other person in the courtroom can be a monumental challenge for many people.

This is where process servers come into play. A process server is someone who is hired to ensure that a legal document – a process – is handed to – served – the necessary recipient or recipients. They must also do so within a specified time limit, generally set by statutes of limitations, and finish the transferal with an Affidavit of Service, or legal proof that it was served accordingly. The role of a process server is as important as it sounds, so it is imperative you hire one that is trustworthy. But how can you tell an experienced process server from a rookie?

Here’s What to Ask for When Hiring a Process Server

  1. What sort of service of processes can you use?
    A decent process server is probably only aware of the age-old tactic of walking up to someone and handing them the process. While effective, this method may fail. A good process server will be able to utilize alternative methods, such as substitute service and service by publication.
  2. How long have you been doing this?
    This is really a question you should be asking anyone you hire for any job. Experience is golden and lets you know upfront that the process server you are hiring knows the ins and outs of the job, and gets results well enough to stay in business.
  3. Can you offer any other services?
    A reliable process server can be seen as a frontrunner for your legal endeavors. Other than just delivering important documents and obtaining an affidavit, they should have the skills necessary to local the person being served – known as skip tracing – and utilize private investigator talents to detect any wrongdoing that is pertinent to the summons while they are on duty.

At Markell & Associates, Inc., our St. Louis process servers are renowned throughout Missouri, and even Illinois to the northeast, for providing premier services to clients at competitive pricing. Our founder, Mr. Mark Smith, personally has more than 35 years in the business, managing hundreds upon hundreds services of process as well as numerous investigations as a licensed private detective. He even has a keen eye for legal photography!

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