Retrieval of Personal Information

Our Investigators in St. Louis Assist Clients Nationwide!

As you search for evidence as part of an investigation, we can help you obtain personal information that can aid in the building of your case. Our St. Louis investigators can take on the task of capturing relevant information, such as Social Security numbers.

At Markell & Associates, Inc., we are experienced personal information acquisition and verification specialists for legal discovery and locating purposes. Investigations to obtain personal information require a close study of facts related to the circumstances involved. We use our high-quality tools and technology to conduct investigative actions for personal information acquisition in order to arm you with information you need to succeed in civil or criminal cases.

Need to Get a Personal File?

At Markell & Associates, Inc., we can retrieve personal copies for individuals who need to document all actions within their particular legal matter. Documentation is essential for various legal circumstances, including, for example, victims of domestic violence who are seeking custody in a divorce case.

Lawyers who are preparing a defense for their clients also may need to record behavioral patterns regarding a criminal matter. We provide personal copies after service of process to help customers save time, energy, and money. Whatever the issue, we can help you obtain personal copies of legal documents to assist with your specific needs.

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With the use of our personal information acquisition services, we can aid in the following:

  • surveillance
  • child custody investigations
  • background checks
  • stalker investigations
  • financial investigations

We have personally delivered hundreds of thousands of summons.

No matter what the legal or personal need, we can help. As you seek to obtain personal and non-public information, we can assist in this investigation using our experience, skills, and resources. At Markell & Associates, Inc., we ensure that our investigations are based on factual proof and are conducted in accordance with the laws. The discovery of personal information is a complex pursuit, so let our licensed team take this burden off of your shoulders. Contact us today for more information!