Investigative Services in St. Louis

Providing Information for Clients Throughout the U.S.

Since 1978, our Investigators' at Markell & Associates, Inc. have maintained an exemplary reputation of providing information/investigatory services to our clientele. Markell actually invests in the finest nationwide information services and brokers in the industry.

Only have a little information to work with? No worries! We will assert our acquisition process designed to execute, deliver, and impress. We are verification driven. Redacted information is nauseating! We discover and proceed with personally identifying information to insure the accuracy of the results as much as possible. All parties involved can be held liable in the event a judgment is executed upon the wrong subject, etc.

Our process is designed to eliminate the pursuance of subjects from which little is known or verified, the 'shot in the dark' approach, and to avoid possible civil action/litigation. We are experts in discovery, analysis, and service. We take much pride in providing exemplary services to the meticulous Counsel, Litigator, and the Paralegal staffs that demand true professionally executed services.

We have personally delivered hundreds of thousands of summons.

Need a St. Louis Investigator?

We are not in the business of utilizing credit headers, various subscriptions to commonly used information sources, passing them on, and, calling it a day! Nonsense.....Many whom label themselves as a Skip Tracer/Investigator, especially since the incorporation of computers, do not have a clue as to the various discovery, verification, and canvassing techniques used in the process. An enormous amount of discovery is obtained and verified by seasoned specialists after or prior to business hours, through the evenings, and weekends. As any well-seasoned Skip Tracer/Investigator knows, these professionally applied processes, as well as warranted 'boots on the ground' canvassing, may consist of a few to many hours depending on the subject.