Federal Subpoena Preparation

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Federal subpoenas are formalized requests for information or property. These requests come from the federal court judge and are legal orders that must be followed. In some cases, a federal subpoena is enough to compel a witness to testify in court or turn over certain evidence. Whether a subpoena is needed to obtain evidence or inform a defendant of his or her position, it must be carefully prepared. Research, investigation, and drafting must take place for the federal subpoena to be properly developed.

We have personally delivered hundreds of thousands of summons.

Rather than involving your firm's staff members in the tedious tasks involved in preparing subpoenas, our team can create federal subpoenas for records required in the litigation process. Our subpoena preparation is performed accurately and quickly for the best interests of legal professionals we serve. We can act as deposition officer on your behalf to meet all statutory codes. For federal subpoena preparation assistance, speak with our St. Louis process servers at once.

Preparation Services Offered by Experienced Process Servers in St. Louis

As you prepare a federal subpoena for service of process, we can collect and /or draft all of the required supporting documentation and serve the subpoena with that documentation. Using scanners and copiers, we can complete the copying, tabbing, and indexing of documents for you. Prior to preparing any subpoena, we use investigations to establish where a witness is required to appear, such as at a deposition, as well as how the subpoena must be served and other various specifics. Our St. Louis process servers then carefully prepare the federal subpoena to follow all legal rules. Contact Markell & Associates, Inc. today for diligent assistance through this process.