Skip Tracing in St. Louis

Locating Individuals Nationwide

With today's technology, people have the ability to change their address, disconnect their phone, change cell phone service providers, and other means of contact easily and quickly. Our services can be used to help you locate missing information. Skip tracing is a constant need for legal counsel, financial institutions, and individuals who handle delinquent account collections. Skip tracing is the process of locating an individual's whereabouts for various reasons.

Skip tracers are people who perform the task of identifying an individual's location. Insurance, mortgage, and financial companies are often in need of skip tracing services to locate law firms, legal counsel and debtors. With the use of modern techniques for skip tracing, we offer efficient strategies to successfully locate the specific individual at the center of your case or investigation. Using our innovative methods, you can trust in Markell & Associates, Inc. to help you locate and retrieve information about the target. By contracting with our St. Louis process servers, you can access necessary information regarding the debtor.

We have personally delivered hundreds of thousands of summons.

Services for Skip Tracing

If you are a paralegal, lawyer, or business in need of locating an individual, our experience with skip tracing can be used to help you find what you need. With database research and thorough investigation, we can use various methods to locate the individual you need for your legal case. We are well established in our field and have earned a solid reputation.

Using our skip tracing process, we can reveal specific details that are necessary to your search. We offer pre-litigation, post-litigation, and non-litigation services for industries in and around St. Louis, Missouri. For 12 years, we represented the nation's privately owned legal service network and we continue to use our skills in this field to benefit our clients. You can be assured of the service we offer to help you save time and money. Our technology, experience, and knowledge can be put to use to aid in your case. If you need skip tracing in St. Louis, be sure to contact Markell & Associates, Inc. for assistance!